Save your energy


Don’t let your heat escape

Here at Evolve Eco solutions, we’re very much aware of how quickly energy costs are rising, and we know how important it is to preserve the heat that we generate in our homes and businesses.

This is doubly important when we consider the very stringent carbon targets that our country needs to meet.

Irish properties are among the leakiest in Europe in terms of heat loss, so external wall solid wall insulation is a fantastic and energy-efficient measure to help reduce our heating bills – along with our carbon footprint.

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The benefits of solid wall insulation

Most properties built before 1930 were constructed with solid walls,. This means that they don’t have cavities that can be injected with insulation materials. Instead, these properties can be insulated with external solid wall insulation. This slows down the rate of heat loss through the walls of the property, reducing your need for costly energy.

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Mineral wool can also be used to insulate solid walls and some people choose it because it not only provides an open vapour system, but it is a great acoustic insulator. If it is picked for this reason, it is very important that no acrylic render is used to finish the project, since it is not breathable and therefore defeats the object!


You may choose to use woodfibre if you want the most breathable and natural insulation materials – however the system itself is very expensive compared to the EPS system.