Get government grant assistance for installing solar photovoltaic systems in your business, farm, school, community centers, or other nonprofit organisations.

About the Grant

The Non-Domestic Microgeneration Grant (NDMG) offers financial support for businesses and various sectors aiming to install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels for on-site electricity generation. This technology not only decreases commercial electricity expenses but also bolsters supply security while promoting a sustainable image. Grant funding is accessible for systems of up to 1000 kWp.

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Why choose Solar PV?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) modules are panels designed to generate electricity from sunlight. Learn more about their functionality and electricity generation process here.
Enjoy numerous advantages by opting for solar PV installation:


  • Lower your electricity expenses
  • Showcase your dedication to sustainability
  • Contribute to Ireland’s climate goals
  • Receive a government grant of up to €162,600
  • Payback on investment under 3 years
  • 30+ Years Life span

Grant Amounts for the Solar PV System

The grant you receive depends on the standard output of your solar PV system. Systems with a maximum output of 1000 kWp are eligible for grant funding under the scheme. If the installed system exceeds 1000 kWp, applicants can apply for the maximum grant of €162,600*, applicable to systems ranging from 1 kWp to a maximum of 1000 kWp.

Solar PV System Grant Value
1kWp* €900
1kWp* €1,800
2kWp* €2,100
3kWp* €2,400
4kWp* €2,400
5kWp* €2,400
6kWp* €2,400
7kWp – 20kWp €300/kWp
21kWp – 200kWp €200/kWp
201kWp – 1000kWp (1MWp) €150/kWp


* kilo Watt peak (standard test output of a PV panel)
Example – A typical 30kWp solar PV
system installed typically consists of 75 solar PV panels with an overall area of 125m2.

Example Solar PV System size and grant value

* kilo Watt peak (standard test output of a PV panel)
Example – A typical 30kWp solar PV system installed typically consists of 75 solar PV panels with an overall area of 125m2.

Example Solar PV System Size Grant Value
7kWp* €2,700
15kWp* €5,100
20kWp* €6,600
30kWp* €8,600
50kWp* €12,600
100kWp* €22,600
200kWp* €42,600
300kWp* €57,600
400kWp* €72,600
500kWp* €87,600
1000kWp* €162,600 max grant value

Who Can Apply?

  • Businesses
  • The agricultural sector
  • Public sector bodies
  • Schools
  • Community centres
  • Non-profit societies

How to Apply

Evolve Eco Solutions is a Registered Non-Domestic Microgeneration (Solar PV) company, proficient in handling all facets of commercial and business installations, ranging from 10kW to 1,000kW.
Our dedicated team is committed to designing a cost-effective system that is precisely tailored to meet your unique needs.

Apply for the grant online
Wait for your ‘letter of offer’ before starting the works.
Do not start works until you receive your ‘letter of offer’
Grant offers are valid for eight months from the date you receive your ‘letter of offer’
Top Tip – incorrect bank details can delay your grant payment. When entering your BIC and IBAN make sure the details are correct.

Your installer must apply to ESB Networks to connect the solar PV system to the electricity network.
They must do this before installing the solar PV system. This application process takes at least 4 weeks / 20 working days.

Once your connection to ESB has been approved, the installation can go ahead. You either pay the solar PV company or make a payment agreement.

Your solar PV company will give you the documentation related to your installation. They will submit copies to SEAI electronically.
Top Tip – SEAI can only process grant payment once your solar PV company has uploaded ALL the required documentation. Try to get your solar PV company to upload ALL documentation ASAP after the installation, ideally within 1-3 days of completion.

  • Applications for payment can only be processed once ALL documentation has been uploaded.
  • From this point onwards, please allow between 4 to 6 weeks for payment, with additional time if an inspection is required. Please note, the payment timeline is 4 to 6 weeks from when SEAI receives ALL the required documentation from the solar PV company if the works are not selected for a SEAI inspection.
  • In line with the Department of Finance circular 44/2006, If you receive grants, subsidies or similar type payments from a government department or public authority of more than €10,000 during a calendar year, you will need a Tax Clearance Certificate. The eTC system allows you to apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate online. In general, you will have to apply using:
  • Revenue Online Service (ROS) if you are a business customer
  • More information on obtaining a Tax Clearance Certificate can be found on


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