Inverter Installation for residential home in Blanchardstown, Dublin

infusing Homes in Dublin, Ireland


Evolve Eco Solutions presents another solar panel installation featuring a hybrid solas inverter.The Solis 3.6kW Single Phase Hybrid 5G Inverter supports power for important loads during load shedding as well as saving power during peak demands.
Solis S5-EH1P3.6K-L 3.6kW Single Phase Hybrid 5G Inverter is designed for residential PV energy storage system. 3kW backup power supports more critical loads. Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications, cooled by natural convection, they are particularly quiet, easy to install, reliable and durable. Backup switching time is less than 20 ms. Integrate multiple protections and fault monitoring to ensure the safety of batteries and equipment.




The SEAI-approved 3.6kW Solar Panel Installation has been meticulously designed to cater to the energy needs of homes in Dublin. Using state-of-the-art solar panel technology, this system efficiently captures sunlight, producing a substantial 3.6 kilowatts of electricity. Residents can now rely on a sustainable energy source, reducing their carbon footprint and promoting responsible energy consumption.

By opting for the 3.6kW SEAI-approved Solar Panel Installation, Dublin households not only save on costs but also play a significant role in environmental preservation. Embracing renewable energy actively engages residents in the collective effort to make Ireland more eco-friendly and sustainable. This initiative serves as an inspiring example for other Dublin homeowners, encouraging them to embrace clean energy solutions and contribute to a brighter and cleaner future for their community.